Vinn Pran Baget Drum and Dance retreat Cap-Haitien July 2021 !!!

You are invited to come and experience the warm, beautiful sense of community created with our Dance To Save Lives community as we present "Vin Pran Bagèt", our sixth year  summer edition Dance retreat! Join Dance To Save Lives Founder and Artistic Director Dieufel Lamisere in a calming and inviting atmosphere of fun, play, learning and togetherness in the spirit of Haitian culture and dance. Dance, learn and celebrate culture alongside the Dance to Save Lives troupe members. Enjoy an excursion immersed in the community, music and culture of  Cap Haitian ( historical city of Haiti)

Dieufel Lamisere has brought together an experienced and highly talented staff and Haitian instructors to satisfy everyone from beginner to advanced-level dance participant. Come and enjoy!


 Registration fee $100 USD

Retreat Package: $ 2000 USD

$1000 must receive by May 30th  and the rest when you get to

DANCE TO SAVE LIVES home in Haiti.




  • Transportation:   from the airport to Cap -Haitien ( city)  and within Cap Haitien  and back to the airport. 
  • Lodging , free WIFI
  • 3 delicious Haitian meals a day  and supper will be by choice.
  • Dance  and Drum classes   with different Dance and Drum instructors in the  Haitian arts community
  • Master class with DIEUFEL LAMISERE 
  •  3 different teachers( James Joseph, Sergo Clossiny and Dieufel Lamisere) will be there! don't miss it ,
  • Kreyol Lessons 

    • Traditional class on specific leaves
    • classes on traditional songs
    • visit to: citadelle, palais sans souci--- bassin saint jacques 
    •  cathedrale --- down town cap -Haitien
    • Bord de mer Limonade and Saut D'eau
    • Visit to a lakou with a lecture ( vodou temple)
    • discussion on vodou
  • NIGHT OUT enjoying the night life in Cap Haitien.

Starting From:  July 1st 2021  to July 10th 2021

Arriving day: June 30th  2021

Arriving time: from 8 am to 2 pm in the day( after 2 pm  you will be paying the transportation fee)

Activities: start from July 1st  to July 10th

Departure  July  11th 2021  ( if you departure is on the 12 you will have to pay for your own transportation to the airport)

( if you want to leave before or after that schedule you will pay for your own transportation)

If you want to stay for one more week in Haiti arrangement can be made

 schedule will be giving to you as soon as you land to Haiti.

( schedule can be change at any time)

come to live and learn our wonderful culture! AIBOBO

[email protected]
+509 44505319 ( whatsapp)

Saut D'eau:

The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared in a palm tree near a waterfall in the village of Saut d’eau in Haiti’s central mountains about a century and a half ago. And so every year, on the Saint’s day of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, July 16, the normally slumberstruck village sees a huge gathering of the faithful. They go for the same reasons as any Catholic pilgrims - to honour the Virgin. Their faith is not in doubt, but in Haiti the spiritual rhythms do beat rather differently. This is a voodoo pilgrimage as well.

Voodoo is pretty widely misunderstood outside Haiti. In fact it is a system of beliefs like any other religion. The Grand Maitre is the supreme divinity, as with the European God, but there is also a spirit world inhabited by voodoo gods or lwas, who impinge much more closely on human existence. They can be benevolent but also vengeful - they must be worshipped appropriately, and appeased when angry.

The lwas have an earthier quality than the European God and have noticeably more human characteristics. There are even jealousies between them. But they reward their followers by intervening in their lives. In the drum-driven voodoo ceremonies they come to possess them, taking over their body.

Northern Haiti, Beach of Bord de Mer de Limonade. Every July, voodoo pilgrims celebrate the spirits of the voodoo pantheon in ritual baths. Dressed in blue-jean color, this woman honors Cousin Zaka, the spirit protector of farmers and crops.

Bassin Saint Jacques Majeur:
The pilgrimage to Saint Jacques to the Plaine du Nord is certainly one of the most popular in Haiti. Known for its basin filled with a sacred mud, each year, in July, it becomes the theater of possessions and sacrifice in honor of Ogou, the "loa" or warrior spirit represented by Saint Jacques for the voodooists .

To register, please fill out the form on the REGISTRATION PAGE  and send it in with your first payment of $1000

*Cancellation/Refund policy: If you have to withdraw from VinPran Bagèt Dance Retreat for any reason before June 30th you will be refunded 50% of your tuition.Tuition will not be refunded after June 30th.